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The great advantage of the Web UI is that it's an easy way to interact with significant amounts of data. Unfortunately bug trackers usually get too large even for that. Provide support for filtering and sorting the issue list on various fields, such as: - Owner - State - Priority - Fix_By - Type

travisb 2012-06-17 21:32:58
hash: 38abfad91f5ccc942a9be6e4443e1997404aed535eca63d6feb15647ad23b259
Date: 2012-06-17 21:32:58
User: travisb

It would additionally be very good to support changing the fields shown in the issue list.

travisb 2012-06-18 21:18:55
hash: 88a6a3c27bbadea81d89507bea94bf15830caa760bd7c55e4e32daf9888d86be
Date: 2012-06-18 21:18:55
User: travisb

I've implemented field selection and filtering. Sorting has yet to be done.

travisb 2012-06-20 20:34:31
hash: 70d91c37b6855f83f833d77dc0021e264a8e5f4816ab8313cff2bdb151ffb389
Date: 2012-06-20 20:34:31
User: travisb

I've added sorting by all the fields. You can now sort Ascending -> Descending -> Unsorted

Tracked by Nitpick