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It would be useful, when a repository has a number of large attachments and the system supports it, to allow offline attachments. These are attachments where the file itself isn't immediately available. One example would be if the file was deleted in HEAD of a SVN repo. The file can still be retrieved from the history, but isn't in the current version. This is especially useful with centralized repositories because the size of the checkout can be usefully reduced if large attachments to old issues are taken offline. There is less advantage for DVCSes because the local clone will contain the attachments anyways.

travisb 2013-01-22 21:26:55
hash: 519099c144a0b6ac28564b27efb559b5a27e6863b12452b33705c067558e1d69
Date: 2013-01-22 21:26:55
User: travisb

I think this feature would be better done using foreign projects and the VCS. It might work as follows: 1. Copy/move the old issues to some offline storage 2. Delete these issues from the HEAD of the VCS 3. Document how to configure the foreign project to point to this offline storage. The only real use case I can see for removing attachments is when the issue is closed and the attachments are consuming significant space. Since the issue is closed it will be referred to rarely and could be deleted. Alternatively only the comment referring to the attachment could be moved into the foreign project. Then the issue itself and most comments will be there for documentation and linking purposes.

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