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As a bug database grows it there will eventually be a massive number of small files. This is fine to a point. However, a long running repository will have thousands of old issues which aren't used much. It would be good to have some option to take all the closed issues and combine them into a single archive file to make loading them faster and to waste less disk space and to reduce the number of files. One thing to consider would be how to make it easy to continue to use normal tools. If every issue isn't a plain file then a lot of the flexibility I have to mess with issues and comments goes away for those closed comments. There should be two parts of this: 1. Archiving whole issues 2. Consolidating comments from issues with lots of comments which aren't closed I expect that archives would be readonly.

travisb 2014-03-21 22:10:37
hash: 2108fbbe00854c5a35e6ad25e92cbec7487a8b94f0d1c5a13d3d2619fe6a59cf
Date: 2014-03-21 22:10:37
User: travisb

Not that read only archives is really an issue. It should still be possible to add new comments to archived bugs in the standard manner and have the data merged seamlessly. It shouldn't be any more complicated than what is done now to merge issue comments.

Tracked by Nitpick