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If you have foreign projects which have different repository configurations for valid states, say one has a Documentation component and the other doesn't, then Nitpick will fail. It will also be impossible to enforce proper metadata suggestions or to determine when issues are closed in the general case. It is possible if the closed state in all repositories is the same.

travisb 2012-07-25 21:41:07
hash: c068c37552cdd8a6e3f3d6eb85b24c2d142704ca1d7c228b3b884de605ab2310
Date: 2012-07-25 21:41:07
User: travisb

The proper solution is to take the configuration of all the repositories and combine the items. This won't help with enforcement of options, but Nitpick doesn't do that on the commandline either. I think it's acceptable to require a compatible set of the various states among all the foreign and local projects when using foreign projects at all. At least you'll be able to view and filter based up project specific items, even if you have trouble modifying the state or creating new issues in the super-repository.

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