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If you go to use the static view but have Javascript disabled then you just get all the issues all visible at once along with all the columns being visible. This is too wide for many screens and has other issues. It'd be nice to hide some columns by default to make the index more usable. It might also be nice to hide closed issues, but that's less clearly a win and would make finding closed bugs hard to find.

travisb 2014-02-25 21:32:34
hash: 500499eca73d399d7076ba84ab513f9f973ae1fd1c2079d5104884abe607811a
Date: 2014-02-25 21:32:34
User: travisb

I've decided to just hide the columns which are hidden by default in the web view. These are the most important fields and this makes Nitpick usable with the static view if Javascript is disabled.

travisb 2014-03-21 22:08:53
hash: 6852b37ddaf3035a22b97de2eab0e685ff202a00f03d131b797ba49033ebfbc1
Date: 2014-03-21 22:08:53
User: travisb

I had fixed this but apparently forgot to close this bug. Closing now.

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