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It must be possible to scroll back in each session a configurable amount. As much of the scrollback as possible should be kept on the client for quick scrolling, but since bandwidth may result in some lines not having been sent to the client yet it must be possible to fetch those from the server as needed.

travisb 2014-03-22 19:13:44
hash: e3c4ed0a3c2953708953b68587f3322e42619159e7bbc7ac6df9ea3c9052ac20
Date: 2014-03-22 19:13:44
User: travisb

Related to this it should be configurable how many lines total to store across all sessions. This would give some upper limit to the amount of memory tachyon could use. When more lines are needed the oldest line should be forgotten. Of course different rates should happen on client and server. Feasibly the client could have a smaller limit and call to the server whenever a line needs to be recalled.

Tracked by Nitpick