Impenetrable Thoughts
My Name is Travis

Welcome to the area of the site where I extol my virtues and stroke my ego. Luckily for you I find doing that just plain weird. Instead I'll mention some key highlights.

  • I'm a Unix guy. Mostly I use Slackware, but I'll live with most other Linux distribtutions just fine. BSDs are pretty fun and none of them look as pretty as MacOSX.

  • I'm a programmer. I'm also not half bad if I were to say so myself.

  • When it comes to computers, I'm all about productivity. Even if I need to learn a tool or build a system from scratch I'll put in the effort to maximize productivity. In fact, I find HTML too tedious and macro'd it away to make this site.

  • I'm educated. I spent a number of years over at SFU and I think I learnt a thing or two. Then again, I probably learnt the most from the active members of the CSSS.

  • I can be verbose. Just check out the other pages here and you'll see immediately what I mean.

  • If anything I consider myself not boring and really, what higher goal can one strive for?

Want to Email Me Securely?

For those who like to use email securely feel free to contact me using my GPG key.

Looking For Employees?

Are you looking for amazing employees with skill and knowledge? If so then this is the entry for you! If you aren't, don't worry you won't miss anything important by skipping this lonely entry. Nobody takes anybody who doesn't have their resumé online seriously these days. To those people, look no further for you have found it. Download my resumé.